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Audiometry Tests in Edmonton: Safeguarding Your Employees’ Hearing Health

At Unlimited Medical Edmonton, we specialize in Audiometry Services to help employers in Alberta comply with local regulations and ensure workers’ hearing health. Audiometry tests are crucial for evaluating the hearing capabilities of your employees, especially those working in noisy conditions. These tests play a critical role in early detection of noise-induced hearing loss, enabling you to take preventive action.

The Importance of Audiometry in Occupational Health

Choosing the right audiometry services is crucial for your business and the well-being of your employees. We not only adhere to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines but also offer targeted noise control solutions. Our services include the provision of necessary personal protective equipment like earplugs or earmuffs.


Quick Facts: Understanding Hearing Tests and Alberta Regulations

  1. Mandatory Testing: In Alberta, employers must provide audiometric testing to workers exposed to daily noise levels exceeding 85 decibels for an 8-hour shift. Set limits typically mean noise levels above 85 decibels for 8 hours daily, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Code.
  2. Testing Frequency: Complying with Alberta’s guidelines, the inaugural hearing assessment should be conducted within the first six months after an employee begins work in a noisy setting. Subsequent tests need to take place at least biennially, although some sectors may demand more regular assessments.
  3. Baseline Hearing Test: Known as a baseline, the initial audiometric test is crucial. It serves as a reference point for identifying any future shifts in an employee’s hearing ability.
  4. Proper Documentation: It’s essential for employers to maintain a detailed record of all audiometric tests. Not only should each employee receive a copy, but the employer also must keep these records for the duration of the employee’s tenure and for an additional decade after the last testing date.
  5. Noise Control Measures: If an employee’s test outcome shows a hearing loss greater than 30 decibels, immediate action is warranted. Employers are then required to investigate and implement supplementary noise control strategies. These could range from using quieter equipment to restricting exposure time or even upgrading to more effective personal protective gear.

Please note that regulations can change over time. We suggest checking the most recent regulations or consulting a qualified professional such as Unlimited Medical for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about your obligations as an Alberta employer and how we can assist your organization in managing those requirements.

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