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The Best Way to Close a Workplace Cut

Find the best way to close a workplace cut

Gluing and taping are welcomed by workers and safety professionals. Stitches still have their place. A good occupational physician will make the right call.

The Best Way to Find a Perfect Drug Policy

laboratory drug test

Drug testing in Edmonton and the surrounding area is a crucial aspect of maintaining safety and compliance by checking workers for substances. With strict regulations in place, businesses rely on accurate drug testing services to ensure a drug-free workplace environment. From pre-employment screenings to random tests, drug testing plays a vital role in safeguarding workers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Spirometry: Procedure, Results, and Risks

Spirometry in the workplace

Spirometry is an essential tool to examine lung function and identify the early stages of respiratory illnesses, or in some very rare cases, some lung diseases that your healthcare provider diagnose incorrectly . By becoming familiar with this approach, you can safeguard your own lungs and make sure others have safe working conditions by identifying […]

How You Can Unlock the Hidden Treasures of Audiograms

Audiometry Testing

This guide will equip you with the insights to understand hearing tests, occupational health and patient safety via audiograms and audiometry. We’ll explore this insightful realm of audiology concerning your auditory abilities while emphasizing how to safeguard them from any potential harm. Dive in for a captivating investigation into the remarkable world of hearing! Key […]

Why Pre-Employment Health Screening Will Make You More Profitable

A Crucial Aspect of Occupational Health

The Importance of Pre-Employment Medicals Pre-employment medical examinations serve as a cornerstone for employers in the hiring process, allowing them to evaluate candidates not just for skills and experience, but also for their physical and mental health. These comprehensive assessments often include a range of tests, from a basic medical assessment to a more specialized […]


Comprehensive Services

  • Post-offer, pre-placement, and periodic medical assessments
  • Designated medical surveillance
  • Audiometric testing & hearing conservation programs
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Drivers Medical
  • Silica screening (Chest X-Ray, and Spirometry)
  • Wellness initiatives & biometric screening
  • TB Testing
  • Workplace immunization programs


We provide turn-key solutions for your employees having x-ray location on 2nd floor and laboratory services across the street and an acessible location with easy access from all main artery roads (Anthony Henday, Calgary Trail, Whitemud) as well as a Century Park LRT/Bus Terminal.