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Welcome to a resource for great health and safety insights! Are you looking to optimize your workplace’s health and safety protocols? Curious about the latest strategies to manage injury claims effectively? You’ll find these posts packed with expert advice and little-known secrets that can transform your company’s approach to safety.

Discover innovative methods to handle workplace injuries, enhance your TRIF statistics, and control lost time incidents. Learn the best practices for implementing robust drug policies and find out how pre-employment health screenings can boost your profitability.

Dive into comprehensive guides on essential procedures like spirometry and uncover the hidden benefits of audiograms. Plus, explore the often-overlooked aspects of occupational health clinics that could be the key to your company’s success.

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Comprehensive Services

  • Post-offer, pre-placement, and periodic medical assessments
  • Designated medical surveillance
  • Audiometric testing & hearing conservation programs
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Drivers Medical
  • Silica screening (Chest X-Ray, and Spirometry)
  • Wellness initiatives & biometric screening
  • TB Testing
  • Workplace immunization programs


We provide turn-key solutions for your employees having x-ray location on 2nd floor and laboratory services across the street and an acessible location with easy access from all main artery roads (Anthony Henday, Calgary Trail, Whitemud) as well as a Century Park LRT/Bus Terminal.