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Medical Surveillance in Edmonton

Medical Surveillance is the continuous monitoring of employees’ health to detect and prevent occupational illnesses. This systematic approach allows for the early identification of health risks, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate potential problems.

This ongoing assessment fosters a culture of safety and well-being, demonstrating an employer’s commitment to their employees’ health. By implementing Medical Surveillance, employers can build trust, reduce absenteeism, and maintain a healthier, more engaged workforce.


Quick Facts about Medical Surveillance in Edmonton and Canadian Regulations:

  1. Objective of Medical Surveillance: In Canada, the primary goal of medical surveillance is to early detect health risks and occupational illnesses. This allows for immediate intervention, ensuring a healthier workforce and a safer work environment.

  2. Regulatory Bodies: Various Canadian federal and provincial laws, such as the Canada Labour Code and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, govern medical surveillance to maintain workplace safety standards.

  3. Frequency of Surveillance: Unlike other medical evaluations, the frequency of medical surveillance is often dictated by the type of job and associated risks, rather than age. High-risk roles may require quarterly or even monthly checks.

  4. Scope of Surveillance: Medical surveillance in Edmonton covers a wide range of health aspects, including respiratory, dermatological, and cardiovascular health, along with any exposure-specific tests like heavy metal levels in blood.

  5. Managing Occupational Illness: Employees identified with potential health risks during the surveillance may be provided with necessary interventions, such as modified duties, to prevent the progression of the condition.

  6. Record-Keeping: Employers are generally required to maintain medical surveillance records for a duration specified by regulatory bodies. These records can be critical for identifying long-term health trends and potential hazards in the workplace.

  7. Data Analysis and Action: Periodic reviews of collected data are crucial for adjusting workplace safety measures, thereby reducing future risks.

By adopting medical surveillance, you’re not just protecting your employees but also acting responsibly toward community well-being. To know more or to set up medical surveillance for your organization, book a consultation with us at Unlimited Medical.



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