How well do you know your health?

Chances are if someone asked you to score your company’s departmental or corporate health score, you could deliver a great analysis. You are acutely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you deal with it everyday.

At Unlimited Medical, we designed a preventative screening medical for business executives like you. Stress affects people differently, don’t let physical effects of stress shorten your career!

How is this different than a regular check up?

  1. Time with Physician
  2. Proven Testing Methods
  3. Confidential Results Report
  4. Follow-Up and Accountability

What does your health mean to you? Your family?

It is well documented that corporate leaders often feel like their health and well-being is adversely affected as they inadvertently prioritize the well-being of their organization over their own health. Our preventative screening medical carves out the time required to properly assess the health and welliness of leaders.

Extended time with a Physician, a rare opportunity.

Take control of personal health and wellness with our Executive Medical. An hour with one of our Executive Physicians assures that your health and wellness risks will be discovered. You will not experience extended waits or being rushed in our clinic. Your appointment will be honored. A spacious exam room will be ready for you. You’ll have the time and full attention of our Executive Physician. This will allow you to unpack any health concerns, and proactively address your wholistic health view and explore preventative measures.

Did you know, health is a common issue?

Deloitte surveyed 2100 executives in US, Canada, UK and Australia and found that; corporate leaders are struggling to prioritize their well-being 70% of leaders are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.

Health-savvy executives have the ability to turn things around.

How well do you know your health?

Proven testing methods; a comprehensive assessment.

Our Executive Medical starts with a health and well-being questionnaire allowing the Executive Physician insight into your family history and personal health and well-being. We have selected a series of tests; laboratory, physical and imaging, that reveal the often unseen physical effects of stress common when running a corporation, department or multiple businesses.

Our process of background questionnaire, laboratory samples, imaging testing and physical exam may raise questions. We’ll help you find the answers.

Results that you can act on!

A simple summary, thorough health report.

After your in-person appointment with our Executive Physician you will receive a full, personalized report with all of the results from the testing and physical examination. Preventative screening results are quite detailed, so our physicians provide a summary followed by a table of contents. The summary offers a concise reminder of the most important items discussed with the physician during the appointment, follow-up and goal setting portion of the process.

Follow-up and Accountability.

Things measured can be improved, and accountability drives change.

Our mission is to provide excellent preventative health screening to help business leaders affect change in their health where they need it most. Knowing more about your health and well-being is just the beginning. Unlimited Medical wants to see business leaders like you take control of their health and well-being to enjoy a full, long and rich life both in the office and at home. This program saves lives, improves health and builds better businesses.

Complete confidentiality.

You are protected by the right to confidentiality enjoyed in a physician patient relationship: your health, your privacy.

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Comprehensive Services

  • Post-offer, pre-placement, and periodic medical assessments
  • Designated medical surveillance
  • Audiometric testing & hearing conservation programs
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Drivers Medical
  • Silica screening (Chest X-Ray, and Spirometry)
  • Wellness initiatives & biometric screening
  • TB Testing
  • Workplace immunization programs


We provide turn-key solutions for your employees having x-ray location on 2nd floor and laboratory services across the street and an acessible location with easy access from all main artery roads (Anthony Henday, Calgary Trail, Whitemud) as well as a Century Park LRT/Bus Terminal.