Health Canada Medicals

A Crucial Aspect of Occupational Health

Health Canada Medicals in Edmonton: Ensuring Workplace Safety and Employee Well-Being

Health Canada Medicals are more than a bureaucratic necessity; they represent a commitment to workplace safety and individual well-being. This process ensures that employees meet the specific medical standards required by regulatory bodies.


Beyond compliance, Health Canada Medicals provide valuable insights into an individual’s fitness for a particular role. Early detection of health issues can prevent future complications, benefiting both the employee and the employer.

Quick Facts about Health Canada Medicals in Edmonton and OHS Regulations:

Regulatory Compliance: Health Canada Medicals are not just a formality. They are a mandatory requirement for specific job roles that come with their own sets of medical standards. Compliance ensures the safety and health of both employees and the workplace.

Frequency of Medical Exams: The frequency of Health Canada Medicals can vary depending on the job role and the associated risks. It’s important to adhere to the guidelines set by Health Canada and other relevant bodies to maintain workplace safety.

Scope of the Medical: Health Canada Medicals in Edmonton cover a range of health indicators, such as cardiovascular health, neurological conditions, and other vital statistics. The objective is to detect any potential health concerns early on, minimizing risks and ensuring fitness for job roles.

Importance of Early Detection: These medicals serve as an essential tool for early detection of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention. This is beneficial for both the employee and the employer, as it can prevent future complications and unnecessary costs.

Record-Keeping: All completed Health Canada Medicals must be properly documented. Employers are required to keep these medical records for compliance purposes and as part of best practices in occupational health and safety.

Our goal is to ensure that your workplace remains a safe and productive environment. Health Canada Medicals are an invaluable resource for achieving this aim. Stay up-to-date with the most current regulations by booking a consultation with us at Unlimited Medical.



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  • Post-offer, pre-placement, and periodic medical assessments
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  • Audiometric testing & hearing conservation programs
  • Pulmonary function testing
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  • Silica screening (Chest X-Ray, and Spirometry)
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