Pre-Employment Medicals

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Pre-employment medicals are a cornerstone of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) testing, serving as an essential preventive strategy to promote the well-being of employees and the entire organization. These assessments, performed before hiring, evaluate an individual’s physical and mental health to ascertain their ability to safely and effectively execute specific job functions. The goal is to identify any pre-existing conditions or potential health risks that workplace conditions could aggravate. By doing so, your organization can suitably place candidates in roles that align with their health capabilities, thereby minimizing the likelihood of workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Furthermore, these medicals provide critical information enabling employers to make necessary accommodations for individuals with particular health needs, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Here are five key facts to be aware of as an Alberta employer:

Pre-employment medicals are essential to hiring processes in specific industries, primarily those deemed high-risk or safety-sensitive.

  1. Permissibility: As per Alberta’s Human Rights Act, pre-employment medical examinations are permissible, but you, as the employer, must ensure they do not infringe upon potential employees’ rights. The Act prohibits discrimination on grounds including physical and mental disability. As such, these medicals should not serve as a means of discriminatory exclusion.

  2. Fit-for-Work Assessments: Pre-employment medicals are often used to assess whether a potential employee is fit to perform specific tasks associated with the job. For example, a physically demanding role may require a potential employee to undergo a musculoskeletal assessment.

  3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality of medical information is crucial. The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) requires employers in Alberta to protect the personal information they collect, including health data gathered during pre-employment medicals, and to obtain consent before disclosing this information.

  4. Post-Offer Examinations: Pre-employment medical exams are typically conducted after a conditional job offer. Post-offer testing ensures employers don’t discriminate against candidates based on their health or disability status.

  5. Appropriate Use of Information: The information from pre-employment medicals must be used appropriately. While it can help determine whether a candidate can safely perform the job, it shouldn’t be used to discriminate or disqualify a candidate unnecessarily. If a disability or health condition is identified, you, as the employer, should consider whether reasonable accommodations can be made.


These points are critical in maintaining a balance between promoting workplace safety and respecting individual rights. Consult with legal and OHS professionals such as Unlimited Medical to ensure your pre-employment medical procedures comply with all applicable laws and regulations. As regulations may change, staying updated with the most recent laws and guidelines is crucial.

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